Your Guide to Running Your Clinic Virtually Amidst the Pandemic

When Hippocrates wrote the Hippocratic Oath, he may not have thought of a pandemic like COVID-19 that is preventing doctors from treating their patients to the best of their abilities. Are you putting your patients at risk by keeping your clinic open for OPD consultations? But if you shut it, how will they get treatment and advice? If you, like many other medical professionals, are going through this dilemma, read on. 

The Washington Post reported that just one hospital in the United States projected a loss of $1.2 billion in annual revenue due to a drop in in-patient care volume! When the people are cash-strapped and do not have spending power, it makes it difficult for them to afford the medical fees for doctor consultations. 

Telemedicine is what helps then. All of these problems can be solved by offering online consultations. You can also limit the consultation time, and this allows you to reduce your fees. Cardiotrack has found a way to make your clinic run virtually without any hassles, and it's really simple. 

 Cardiotrack Teleconsultation

Here's how you can solve the problems you are facing right now and run a clinic online:

Problem 1: Connecting With the Patients Without Involving Physical Contact

Solution: Get a Custom Patient App to Connect Virtually

Your very own online clinic, with the best features.

An app can be the virtual clinic where you can consult your patients without any physical contact. This custom app will have your logo and brand name. It will be truly yours with a comprehensive dashboard. 

It will allow you to have your patient database in one place and make it hassle-free to run your clinic virtually. It's all in your pocket and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Problem 2: Unorganised, Tiresome Consultation Process

Solution: Opt For Automated and Easy Online Consultations 

Well managed, convenient, and bug-free.

You may already be consulting your patients online, but is it all consolidated, scheduled, and automated? With Cardiotrack, you can easily share prescriptions, consult online, answer calls -- all of it based on your availability. 

You can also keep track of the patients you have consulted and have a database ready for you to refer at any time in the future. 

Problem 3: To and Fro in Sharing Physical Reports, Non-Availability of Vitals

Solution: Choose to Review Reports and Vitals Online in One Place

Make the best use of health-tech.

The app allows doctors to review all your patient reports and their vitals online. Cardiotrack's wide-range of high-precision medical devices makes it possible for patients to conduct some tests at home and share it with you. The Cardiotrack Impact+ kit, for example, contains a blood pressure monitor, ECG, pulse oximeter, and a digital thermometer.

When you have their vitals, you'll know what to prescribe and have the confidence to make a treatment choice. You can also generate a completely digital Medical Examination Report for health insurance purposes within minutes through the app.

Bridge the Gap

With vitals, reports, and the ability to consult your patients online on text, audio, or video call, you now have a pandemic-proof way of continuing what you do. 

Try to tell your patients that you will now be available for online consultations on whatever platform you desire so they can reach you easily. This way, you won't have to suffer a financial setback as well or deal with the guilt of turning away a patient.

Cardiotrack's virtual solutions allow you to connect with your patients and helps you adhere to what Hippocrates proposed without putting them anyone at risk.

 Download the Cardiotrack app now and start running your clinic virtually!